Winter Care Tips for Rabbits

As the dark, cold days approach once more, pet parents should begin to prepare for the safety and wellness of their pets that must remain outside throughout the cold and rainy weather.

Our weather may be fickle, so being prepared for any fluctuations in temperature is a good idea. Rabbits, especially, are susceptible to the effects of cold and ice. Rabbits in the wild reside underground, where they have natural shelter from the environment. If you have a rabbit, you should consult your vet at the animal hospital Virginia Beach about rabbit winter care.

Weatherproof the rabbit hutch

It’s simpler to care for rabbits if you have a good hutch in which to keep them. You probably already have a good-sized, safe, and well-ventilated cabinet, but our website has a large selection of high-quality cabinets if it’s time to update.

Keep your coop away from gusts and moist regions and anywhere else where it will be exposed to the weather on all sides.

Elevating your rabbit cage off the floor can keep the cold out and keep your bunnies safe from puddles.

Look for cracks in the hutch where the frost and rain can get in. To keep the cold away, patch these with tiny pieces of wood or even rigid cardboard.

Check the ceiling for any deterioration that might let water spill into the coop and fix it right immediately. It will be more difficult to dry it out after water has entered.

If you feel the cage is more uncovered than you’d like, hang some beach-style windbreakers around the perimeter to provide some more coverage.

If you have the room, move the coop to a tool shed, summer cottage, or storage shed. This will provide adequate protection from the icy weather while also providing them with a place to play. Just make sure the space is adequately ventilated.

Polish or paint the outside of your rabbit hutch to offer a layer of protection.

Purchase a weather screen for your rabbit cage that clamps onto the front of your cabinet. This will shield your bunnies from the weather and can be easily removed for cleaning or replacing your rabbit’s feed or blanket.

In the cold, how do you keep rabbits warm?

Provide comfortable sleeping spots for your rabbits within the hutch. For this, shipping containers or pet crates are wonderful options. Make sure the cage has soft enough, toasty bedding, and refreshed on a routine basis. This will also provide additional protection against the cold and wind outdoors.

Consider obtaining a friend if you just have one rabbit. This will keep them from feeling lonely and keep them warm when they cuddle together on cold winter days.

Food and nutrition

Motivate your bunnies to spend more time foraging within their cage. This will keep them active and aid in maintaining their body temperature for extended periods of time spent inside.

During the wintertime, your bunnies will need to consume more to maintain their body weight and, as a result, their body temp. Fresh food should be added every day and topped up if they are eating it rapidly. It’s always a good idea to consult veterinarians from pet hospital Virginia Beach.

Plastic wrap or an old sock can be used to wrap bottles of water. When the temperature drops overnight, this will help keep the freeze at bay and protect the water from ice over. 

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